0 to 60 is how we measure the speed of a fast vehicle. It can also be used to measure the speed of Life and the I AM Life Lessons we learn along the journey. After all; I AM the vehicle I drive through Life.

While moving forward at speed of life; The 0 to 60 Podcast is the journal of a journey of what it takes to make life work.

Today in the world, Self Education is the new normal. We are committed to promoting Self Education Movement. and more specifically, “Accelerated Self Education.” We are committed to promoting:

  1. What is it?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. Where to Go to get it Fast.

“0 to 60” we speed through life, working for others. However, for many of us, we work hard but we don’t get what we really want out of life. For me, something had to change and that something was me.
Now, in order to Increase My Life, I Work On Me Everyday.”
Ariel J Andres

Welcome to The 0 to 60 Podcast!
How fast can you grow and learn something new?