0to60 (FREE) Podcast Builder Challenge

Are you a Minister of Information, not just the Gospel. I’m talking about information people need to hear in times like these. I’m talking about being a Mastermind Creator. People are looking for information that gives them a solution to the struggles they’re facing right now.

A Podcast is one of the FASTEST ways to get the word out. I’ve known this for years and I have helped many churches around the world build their Internet Broadcast Channels. Now with the current Global Health Crisis, A Podcast makes more sense now than ever before.

A Podcast is also one of the FASTEST ways to build a Meaningful Brand and will help your audience stay engaged to what you have to deliver.

You would be surprised at how effective a Podcast would be and how easy you could get a Podcast working for you to help people overcome their struggles. Most people, However, have to overcome the stumbling blocks in their thinking, just to move forward.

That’s why I created this challenge. To help you get the right mindset, and follow a roadmap, that will help you achieve the outcome you desire to serve people FAST!!!

In 2 short sessions( one per day) you will learn,

Step by Step You the process to

  1. Design
  2. Launch
  3. Promote &
  4. Monetize

Your Own Personally Branded Podcast to promote your Ministry, or the Mastermind, Course, Workshop, or program you have for sell or want to sell in the Mastermind.com Marketplace.

Sign up for the Challenge below. It will be live starting September 17, 2021.